I live in London but there’s no washing away my Northern roots. I’m all about the practical – if my eyeliner isn’t liquid and doesn’t last all day then I’m not here for it. I love sunshine so much it’s my daughter’s middle name.  


Before becoming a Coach I started my working life as a performer. I was actually singing professionally from the age of 13, then turned my hand to managing A List music artists and fashion icons. From book deals to sell out global tours, album sales amassing over 35 million, OBEs and more - sounds fancy doesn’t it? Life from the outside seemed super glossy but on the inside it became all shades of matte. My spark had fizzled, inspiration gone, every last drop of my zest squeezed. Not just in my career, in every single aspect of my life. I was exhausted. I tried to ignore these feelings for a long time but they lingered and like an ink stain they spread and bled into my health, relationships and general life. I had no idea how to come back to myself – the happy, confident, passionate person I saw in flashes. 

Showing up for myself and investing in self-development rescued me. I found my true, confident voice by becoming consciously aware of my thoughts and feelings. Now I want to do the same for you.

What are you waiting for? 

Charlotte x

Because it defines my professional as well as personal way of being. I’ll masterfully guide you from living in black and white to full colour.  It starts with a positive mindset: being able to look into a direction that serves and saves you. But this will get you nowhere without a pragmatic map to guide you on: these are the tools and strategies I equip you with to help you move towards your goal.

Liberating your mind, body and soul is a journey and mine started from the depths of disempowerment and trauma. 

Why amI telling you all this?  

Ready to make magic

"The skills and techniques you have taught me over the past 6 months have been genuinely life changing. I feel like the absolute best version of myself and truly know who I want to be and how I achieve that. It’s given me a huge amount of confidence and empowered me to push forward with things when previously I felt constantly anxious. I find it really hard to put into words just how much you've helped me and will be forever grateful and in awe of what you do."

Alice, Digital Agency

"Charlotte is the real deal. She saw me for who I was and understood what I needed to break through my own mental barriers. She helped me to achieve what I desired and unlock my potential. I feel now that I know myself better and I’m so grateful to Charlotte for helping me reach this place. I would say that I had no idea how beneficial coaching could be, and I’m so glad I took the leap."
Rosie, Art Director

"I found myself confused and lost with my direction, energy and confidence. Charlotte helped me so much with my career and harnessed my best business qualities through which I have now developed my own online business. Charlotte was instrumental in helping me to develop the idea, she was my support network and my grounding force of energy."

 Amber, Business Founder and CEO 

"It’s rare you find someone that you don’t have to be false with. I have coloured the truth with other therapists and coaches before but felt very safe with Charlotte. I have spent the last 5 years holding myself back! I now have the confidence to make important changes and create healthy goals."

Lauren, Performer 

"Charlotte, you have allowed me to be better as a person and as an actor! You are able to just put your finger on things and nail it on the head, in a way that is mind-blowing. You understand people in a way that I have never seen before, and you were able to be there for me and to help me in all the ways that I needed both personally and professionally."

Lea, Actor and Writer

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